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You love music but can‘t or don‘t want to sing/play an instrument/any other form of music making?

No worries, everyone‘s welcome here!

We want to enjoy music together and talk about it and of course other things as well (that‘s the beauty of music: it lets you travel to all kinds of thoughts and places).

The concept is new but easy: pick a song/piece of music you love or that moved you recently and come to our meetup.
Every other meetup will be with a theme. So read the title and bring whatever music comes to mind.

First we will „just“ listen to everyone‘s music and after each song the song-bringer can start sharing more about it. Or not. Some music is too personal to tell the story behind it but still too great to not share it.

If you can’t decide, here are some statements / questions that might come to mind:

I enjoyed …. concert.
I listen to …. when …
This music is my life. This song brings me back to ….

There will be free snacks and baked goods frok Lukas Bäcker and drinks available to buy at Basislager but feel free to bring some drinks or snacks yourself.